Stickers that we are used in general industries such as for food, cold storage, price tags in shopping malls, electrical appliances, tickets, medicine, hospitals, decay, automotive, spare parts, filming, file cabinets. , Product, warehouse, billboard, office, so we should choose to suit their use.
How to choose materials for sticker label printing is as follows:
1. You can choose to use stickers. By looking at the material on the surface of the material, waterproof, sun resistant, resistant to the environment
Such as in the rain, in the sun or in the shade
– Matte white sticker And semi-matte, semi-matte Suitable for overwriting Or printed over it with a printer not resistant
Water contact      
– Shiny white sticker Suitable for sticking on flat materials Can be glossy or matte Stick on paper or plastic surface But may peel off When in direct contact with water

– PVC stickers (PVC) available in both clear and opaque Suitable for outdoor use Sticks well on metal, won’t come off when
Immersed in water         
– PP stickers are available in both clear and opaque designs. Suitable for sticking on product labels with plastic or glass surfaces But the material surface should be flat.
Or slightly curved because it can give a little like sticking on medicine bottles, shampoo bottles, glass bottles.
– Sticker PE (PE) is more flexible than PP, for example, can be attached on a curved ball-like surface, can be squeezed on a foam tube, etc.         

2. Choose a sticker according to the stickiness of the adhesive, for example:    
– Ordinary sticky glue attached to a candy bag attached to paper

– Special sticky glue stick on plastic, glass, wood, steel, etc.     
-Remove stickers attached to the glass, the adhesive that has already been attached can be removed from the material without causing the material to be stuck, leaving no glue residue, etc.       
– The vacuum sticker is used to stick the glass without glue, use vacuum to suck on the glass. So it doesn’t leave glue when peeling off                  
Therefore, choose a sticker type. Can be obtained from the surface of the material attached The curvature of the surface attached, contact with water, contact with heat.
The type of water-soluble or insoluble adhesives which will affect the adhesive ability of the sticker.

As needed (maximum max 52×69 cm.)

Print system
Offset system, Silk screen can be printed from 1-4 colors or as required.        

Special printing techniques       
There may be techniques after printing to add beauty and interesting work such as UV coating, Spot UV, gloss plastic coating. And matte plastic
For durability against tearing And wet gold stamping (Hot Stamp), mostly used with logo branded letters

Die cut
To shape as needed