Understanding CMYK and RGB color theory

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Understanding CMYK and RGB color theory
The CMYK color system is the color system used with printers.CMYK stands for Cyan (cyan), Magenta, Yellow, Key (black – not B instead of black).

For the color, CMYK is the primary color for the eyes. Human color can be separated because in the human eye we tend to see only the primary color scheme, so the problem of color, CMYK mode will cut off the color values ​​that are not far apart only. Therefore used in print media today

As for RGB, the color selection can be up to 2 colors – 16 million colors.
Suitable for display

On TV, computer screen Because the resolution of the screen takes part in the processing
And the human eye sees the light shadows more closely, making them look smooth. More emphasis on realism
Since amateur or novice designers want to work on print types, they usually choose RGB color preset mode because the color setting is brighter. Because the light face, the color values ​​according to the screen But when you order to print The resulting color value is more or less distorted depending on the selected color, for example, choosing red may be pink, purple may be blue. Therefore, people who use the color mode should have a good understanding of the work. To work out to get the color values ​​that meet the needs.